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'''Melanie Reizes Klein''' (30 March 1882 – 22 September 1960) was an Austrian-United Kingdom|British psychoanalysis|psychoanalyst who devised novel therapeutic techniques for children that had an impact on child psychology and contemporary psychoanalysis. She was a leading innovator in theorizing object relations theory.
Birth date{{Birth date|1882|3|30|df=yes}}
Birth placeVienna, Austria-Hungary
Death date{{Death date and age|1960|9|22|1882|3|30|df=y}}
Death placeLondon, England
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Nationality| fields = Psychoanalysis
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Known forDevising therapeutic techniques for children
Coining the term 'Reparation (psychoanalysis)|reparation'
Splitting (psychology)#Melanie Klein|Klein's theory splitting
Projective identification
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